Version 14 of Imagizer brings many under the hood updates and a few new features.

Following the recent change of the CentOS Project, we chose Rocky Linuxopen in new window as a successor operating system. Rocky Linux is 100% bug-for-bug compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


Imagizer's APIs continue to be backward compatible with the previous versions. However, there is a slight change in text layer rendering. See below for more information.

Text Layers

Improvements to the text layer render engine may result in minor changes to rendered images. The previous text layer render engine produced unpredictable padding around the top and bottom of text.

The previous render engine is still available for use. Regardless, we recommend migrating to the new text layer engine and using the offset parameter to pad text layers.

See the Layers configuration to enable legacy text rendering.

Update API

The update API has been overhauled, making minor updates to Imagizer trivial. See the Update API guide for more information.

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