Imagizer provides a wide range of creative capabilities with your images, such as resizing, cropping, reformatting, optimizing, image recognition and tag extraction. All these features are available in real-time with a URL based API.

See the API Reference or our Image Sandbox for live examples.

How it works

Imagizer is a layer that sits between the user and image storage. Imagizer receives all image requests. Images are fetched from the image storage, optimized and processed to specifications, then returned to the user. All of this done in real-time.


Bring Your Own Stack

Retain full control of your image library with Imagizer. Imagizer provides flexibility and works with your existing technology stack.

Image Manipulation

Imagizer provides image processing features such as scaling, cropping, compressing, formatting and adjusting images.

See our API Reference for a full list of supported image manipulations.

Image Optimization

Effectively format and compress images to reduce their file size and save on bandwidth costs with little to no noticeable visual changes.

See more examples of Image Optimization.

Intelligent Product Cropping

With intelligent cropping, images look their best on any device and are also optimized for performance.

See more examples of Intelligent Crop.

Image Recognition

Recognition is able to identify thousands of objects such as vehicles, pets, or furniture, and provides a confidence score. Recognition also detects scenes within an image, such as a sunset or beach.

See more examples of Image Recognition.