Imagizer offers a diverse set of creative functionalities for your images, including resizing, cropping, reformatting, optimizing, image recognition, and tag extraction. These versatile features are accessible in real-time through a URL-based API.

See the API Reference or our Image Sandboxopen in new window for live examples.

How it works

Imagizer functions as an intermediary layer between the user and image storage. It serves as the recipient of all image requests. Upon receiving a request, Imagizer fetches the corresponding image from the storage, optimizes and processes it according to the specified requirements, and promptly returns the processed image to the user. All of these operations are performed in real-time.


Bring Your Own Stack

Maintain complete control over your image library by utilizing Imagizer. With Imagizer, you can enjoy the benefits of flexibility as it seamlessly integrates with your existing technology stack.

Image Manipulation

Imagizer offers a wide array of image processing capabilities, encompassing functions such as scaling, cropping, compressing, formatting, and adjusting images.

See our API Reference for a full list of supported image manipulations.

Image Optimization

Efficiently format and compress images using Imagizer to significantly decrease their file size and minimize bandwidth expenses, all while maintaining visual quality with minimal noticeable changes.

See more examples of Image Optimization.

Intelligent Product Cropping

By employing intelligent cropping, Imagizer ensures that images appear at their finest on any device while also being optimized for optimal performance.

See more examples of Intelligent Crop.

Image Recognition

The recognition feature of Imagizer is capable of accurately identifying a vast range of objects, including vehicles, pets, furniture, and more. It provides a confidence score to indicate the level of certainty in the recognition results. Additionally, the recognition feature can also detect various scenes within an image, such as a sunset or a beach, further enhancing its capabilities.

See more examples of Image Recognition.

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