Does Imagizer cache images?

Yes, both original images and processed images are cached locally on Imagizer. Imagizer supports memory based and disk based caching. Caching is controlled by the Cache-Control header or through the Imagizer config.

How quickly can it be deployed?

Imagizer can be deployed and utilized in minutes.

What needs to be done to add Imagizer to an existing solution?

Imagizer supports two approaches to integration. Both approaches require all image requests to be routed through Imagizer. The first approach to integration provides for a global configuration of image compression and image format settings (settings will be applied to all images). This variety of integration is the easiest approach, which does not require changes to the client-side application. The second approach to integration allows for URL parameters which can be attached to image URLs to control image manipulation on an individual level. This type of integration requires modifications to the client-side application but provides fine tuning of the image manipulation, such as setting width and height constraints.