The Imagizer API is easy to use. Start by appending Imagizer query parameters to your image URL. Then perform a GET request. The image will be processed and returned quickly.

Please see our API reference for a detailed list of parameters.


Use the width or height parameter to scale your image. You may also use a combination of the two.

GET /image.jpg?width=200 HTTP/1.1
GET /image.jpg?height=200 HTTP/1.1


Use the crop parameter to crop any excess image data outside the given width and height dimensions.

GET /image.jpg?width=400&height=300&crop=fit HTTP/1.1


Use the quality parameter to compress and optimize the image, and therefore, reduce the file size.

GET /image.jpg?quality=80 HTTP/1.1

You may also use the format parameter to reformat the image into a more efficient format and further reduce the file size, resulting in quicker image loading times.

GET /image.png?format=auto HTTP/1.1

Adjust Picture

Adjust the brightness and contrast using the respective parameters.

GET /image.jpg?brightness=0.5 HTTP/1.1
GET /image.jpg?contrast=1 HTTP/1.1

Alternatively, by using the auto_fix parameter, Imagizer can automatically adjust these settings for you.

GET /image.jpg?auto_fix=true HTTP/1.1

Post Requests

Imagizer also supports POST requests. See the POST Requests guide for more information.

Async Requests

Imagizer also supports asynchronous requests. See the Async Requests guide for more information.


Imagizer supports uploads. See the Uploads guide for more information.