Release Log

Version 10


There have been changes to logging. See the Update Guide.


  • Fix memory leak on high loads.
  • Fix bug related to negative X & Y coordinates in the layers API.
  • Fix broken URL encoding of some special characters.
  • Add improved animated GIF detection and performance.
  • Add network config for Imagizer Enterprise.


  • Fix memory leak on config change.
  • Fix logging configuration.
  • Fix partial images on highly fragmented image cache.
  • Minor improve performance on large RPS.


  • Rebuild the logging system.
  • Add custom headers support.
  • Improve image layers performance.

Version 9


Backwards compatible with V8.


  • Fix malformed Cache Control headers.
  • Fix disabling the maxImageDimensions config.
  • Fix encoding of the source_url parameter.
  • Add MP4 format for animated GIFs.
  • Add HEIF/HEIC image support.
  • Add image stretch support.
  • Improve support for docker instances.
  • Reduce the default backend timeout from 30sec to 15sec.
  • Fix errors in redeye repair.


  • Fix missing facial data from header when using face=true and no eyes are detected.


  • Fix trim=color by reducing the color sensitivity level.


  • Fix failed application workers setup on boot without AWS User Data.
  • Fix health check that shows healthy before services are ready.
  • Increase the number of rotated logs in /var/log/httpd to 24.
  • Add support for Write to Cache on Cluster Mode.
  • Add build in tests to the /tests endpoint on the Admin API.
  • Add uploads to S3 support.
  • Add backendSync for async uploads to remote S3 gateway.
  • Add docker support for Imagizer.
  • Add new queue metrics: queueCopyJobsConsumed, queueCopyJobsProduced, queueCopyJobsFailed.

Version 8


Backwards compatible with V7.


  • Fix multi region S3 buckets.
  • Fix broken license validation from the previous build (v8.6-63.0).
  • Improve caching of S3 credentials and bucket regions.
  • Use signed URLs for S3 backend requests using the Imagizer fetcher rather than the AWS SDK. This modification improves the performance of image fetching from S3 buckets.


  • Fix failed Consul call on boot. Consul will now be called on every boot not just the first one after configuration.


  • Fix an issue that may cause CloudWatch logging to fail.
  • Fix bucket region auto detect when the bucket parameter is used.
  • Add the region parameter to specify the AWS region along with the bucket parameter.




  • Add facial coordinates in response HTTP header when redeye parameter is true.
  • Add autorotate parameter to disable auto rotation on EXIF orientation.
  • Fix broken fetch time stats when the defaultImageParams or urlRewrites configuration is set.


  • Fix the cache none option during configuration.
  • Fix temp directory overflow.
  • Fix broken fetch time stats.
  • Fix incorrect RPS stats.
  • Fix broken cluster node state on reload.
  • Fix temp directory cron job from killing cache every 10 days.
  • Revert cache memory increases.
  • Revert increased increases to the number of application workers.
  • Add resolve parameter.


  • Fix race condition which caused some instances to ignore user data on start up.
  • Fix issue which caused cluster configuration to fail to initialize.


  • Fix bug which causes issues with ampersands in the layers parameter.


  • Fix a pile up of tiff files in the /tmp directory on uploads.
  • Fix configuration for systems with non eth* named network interfaces.
  • Fix 502s on some corrupt images.
  • Alphabetize stats JSON output properties.
  • Alphabetize config JSON output properties.
  • Increase max number of requests per application worker. Improves performance.


  • Add Cluster Mode for horizontal scaling of Imagizer instances.
  • Add auto-fill Address property to Consul config.
  • Add tags to Datadog integration.
  • Fix caching issues related to defaultImageParams configuration.
  • Fix some inconsistencies related to DPR and custom crop.
  • Fix inconsistent health checks during startup.
  • Reduce instance startup times.


  • Add Datadog metric ang logging integration.
  • Add support for AWS instance types m5.large, m5.xlarge, m5.2xlarge, m5.4xlarge.
  • Add support for register with Consul agent on boot.
  • Fix errors on a GET request to /updates API.


  • Major system upgrades.
  • Significance performance improvements on JPEG processing.
  • Minor performance improvements on all other image processing.

Version 7


Backwards compatible with V6.


  • Fix temp directory overflow.


  • Add POST requests to the access log.
  • Fix incorrect stat counts on internal requests and POST requests.


  • Increase size of temp directory.


  • Fix incorrect content type when using the format param on POST requests.
  • Fix caching with the origin parameter on POST requests.
  • Add configurable width for face/eye detection. (New config argument: faceDetectionWidth)


  • Fix stats collector restart loop on non-AWS instances.
  • Fix redeye removal on POST requests.
  • Fix bug which caused processed images to be cached as original images on POST requests.
  • Add stats collector syslog logging.
  • Add cache_processed parameter to POST requests.


  • Add required element to layer object.
  • Add source_url API.
  • Add better SVG image detection.


  • Fix missing Content-Type header on some SVG images.
  • Increase max face size detection.


  • Allow rotation on images with transparent backgrounds.
  • Add transparent padding API.
  • Fix unnecessary image conversion on images which requested dimensions are larger than or equal to the original dimensions.
  • Fix bug in upscaling watermark images.

Version 6


Backwards compatible with V5.


  • Fix AWS CloudWatch logging.
  • Fix Stats API on some VMs.
  • Fix cache zones configuration bug which caused Write to Cache to fail in some cases.
  • Fix malformed headers on default images.
  • Fix bug in AWS user data config import which caused user data to be ignored in some cases.
  • Add Include Image Data support to metadata requests.
  • Add batch processing/caching (cache_queries) support to GET_ASYNC calls.
  • Add batch processing/caching (cache_queries) support to POST requests.
  • Add Ignore Formats configuration.


  • Fix last modified header on POST and GET_ASYNC.
  • Fix stats collector crash when missing IAM perms (AWS only).
  • Fix a corner case which caused 500 errors on corrupt images.
  • Fix a bug in trim_color region of interest.
  • Fix temp disk (ram disk) overrun with very large png files.
  • Add original compression quality detection. Use original quality compression as default instead of 90.
  • Add support for auto rotation with icc profiles
  • Add support for ENI-enabled AMIs (AWS only).
  • Add new welcome page with enable/disable config.
  • Update the kernel to fix the Meltdown and Spectra vulnerabilities.

Version 5


Backwards compatible with V4.


  • Add CloudWatch stats.
  • Fix crashes during entropy crop.


  • Add Fallback Backend.


  • Face detection optimizations.
  • Redeye removal improvements (reduction of blue artifacts).
  • Add async get calls (GET_ASYNC).


  • Minor post to cache optimizations.


  • Fix a crash during trim=color and CMYK colorspace.
  • Use ellipses instead of rectangles for redeye removal.
  • Minor object detection optimizations.
  • Add separateHostCache config option.
  • Return 415 error code on invalid image files.
  • Add image layers API.


  • Modify error code on invalid images. Return 415 http code.
  • Add configuration to disable separate host caching.


  • Fix 'Failed to purge' issue when purging images.
  • Fix http sum stats. They not longer include source requests.
  • Fix missing content-length header in certain situations.
  • Fix an issue with top/bottom crop.
  • Add Interlace (progressive) jpeg/png API.


  • Fix 'Failed to purge' issue when purging images.
  • Fix http sum stats. They not longer include source requests.
  • Fix missing content-length header in certain situations.
  • Fix an issue with top/bottom crop.
  • Add interlace (progressive) jpeg/png API.

Version 4


  • Add fetch and process average times to stats/Ganglia
  • Add http codes per minute to stats/Ganglia
  • Remove /cache prefix from cache purge API
  • Add new Picture Adjustment
  • Revamp patching system. Allow batch patching.
  • Fix bug to allow spaces in watermark URLs
  • Fix bug to allow changing syslog facility config


  • Fix bug in config API which failed to let syslog facility setting to be updated
  • Fix bug in watermark API. Allow spaces in watermark URLs
  • Fix bug causing request per second stats to be misreported
  • Add fetch and process times to stats API and Ganglia integration
  • Add http stats codes per minute stat to stats API and Ganglia integration
  • Modify Update API to allow batch patch updates


  • Fix various bugs
  • Add mark_upscale API to allow upscale on watermarks
  • Image Meta Data API now returns original image meta data even when image parameters are present
  • Rework rotate API to allow for single degree increments
  • Add crop type zoom for use with rotation API
  • Add Max Image Dimensions configuration


  • Add option to disable the origin/hostname param
  • Add option to disable origin image requests
  • Add support for CMYK colorspace
  • Add new Picture Adjustment vibrance API
  • Add Etag header
  • Fix malformed Last-Modified header


  • Add Ganglia Stats integration
  • Add new Picture Adjustment
  • Add Host Header parameter to override host header on requests
  • Add Image Meta Data API
  • Add Post to Process feature
  • Replace the hostname parameter with a new origin parameter
  • Improve internal image caching (Update Varnish)
  • Pass through the expires header on all images
  • Improve AWS user data config importer
  • Fix bug in padding image with upscale enabled


  • Add Default Images feature
  • Add Url Rewrites feature
  • Add Auto White Balance API
  • Add Cloud Watch Logging support
  • Add return 404 http error code from Size Check
  • Improve object detection with large number of concurrent connections
  • Do not allow return of larger image after 'quality' only request
  • Fix image step calculation when sharpening images


  • Fix large png file sizes
  • Fix AWS S3 bucket region lookup
  • Allow auto_fix API to use boolean as argument
  • Add center rectangle crop API
  • Allow upscaling images. Disabled by default


  • Add brightness adjust API
  • Add contrast adjust API
  • Add Auto Fix image brightness/contrast API
  • Add hostname white-list to size check


  • Improve concurrent connection handling
  • Improve memory management of application workers
  • Fix bug in auto format. Do not convert image if not needed
  • Add write to image cache

Version 3


  • Fix padding on rotated images. Pad correct the sides
  • Fix malformed Original-Filesize header
  • Fix dct scaling issue on a small number of image types
  • Add Original-Resolution header to images
  • Add specific fallback images for different file types on size check


  • Cache domain name lookups internally
  • Increase number of application workers
  • Add wildcard matching to pass through headers
  • Add size check fallback image feature
  • Fix to use configured timeouts for signed AWS S3 fetching
  • Optimize non cached image requests
  • Increase patch file size allowed


  • Add crop top/bottom API
  • Optimize decompression and processing when generating thumbnails


  • Add the update service API for small software patches
  • Add fit=fill and bg API aliases
  • Fix logging for the admin API
  • Search deeper into the file when checking for Adobe RGB


  • Add cpu steal stats API
  • Add enhanced stats API (cpu, cache, disks, network)
  • Add imagizer version on stats API
  • Add passThroughHeaders configuration feature
  • Add syslog support for access, error, and application logs
  • Add red-eye removal feature
  • Fix off by one error in crop
  • Fix off by one error when height is given
  • Update system packages for increases security
  • Update web server
  • Refactor eye detection
  • Allow users to completely disable caching
  • Increase system limits to optimize system operations

Version 2


  • Add API param aliases
  • Add improved check for adobe RGB
  • Fix bug related to ICC profiles in JPEGs
  • Update ca-certificates package for managing SSL


  • Add support for images with ICC profiles
  • Add network config API
  • Add auto crop/pad API
  • Add color trim API
  • Fix application layer to correctly clean up temp files for 40x/50x errors
  • Update temp file cleanup script to accommodate new filenames and to be a little more aggressive


  • Add Image blur API
  • Add Image padding API
  • Add Watermark alpha API
  • Fix to ensure that an image is watermarked/blurred/sharpened without resizing
  • Update JPEG crop to be done in a separate step instead of during the image compression. This allows imagizer to apply padding, blur, and watermark to the cropped image instead of a region of interest.


  • Add access to logging
  • Add CacheControl override
  • Fix AWS user data import
  • Fix bug in the network configurator


  • Add region lookup on s3 auth requests
  • Add processing of multiple network interfaces
  • Fix watermark fetches to use s3 backend if needed
  • Update AWS SDK

Version 1


  • Fix bug in watermarking
  • Fix mac address validation error
  • Clean up system libraries
  • Install open-vm-tools package (vmware only)


  • Fix for entropy bug


  • Add tiff format handling
  • Add improved nginx log rotation
  • Update application dependencies
  • Adjust image cache memory values to slightly smaller sizes for machines under 16GB of RAM
  • Adjust application workers and max number of requests for machines with less than 8GB of RAM or less than 4 CPU cores


  • Revert change of the root disk volume type from "Provisioned IOPS(IO1)" back to "General Purpose (GP2)
  • Update the config script to reset everything to config settings at boot
  • Disabled multithreading conversion on busy instances. This increases performance
  • Switch to the new versioning system using AWS marketplace versions as a basis; this version becomes 1.7-10.4


  • Add improved memory management
  • Decrease the amount of RAM that image cache uses (in memory-based setups)
  • Decrease the application worker's lifetime from 1000 requests to 500
  • Decrease the number of application workers from 128 to 64
  • Update web service config to restrict extended_status page visibility


  • Fix the default backend


  • Enable filesystem creation on the disk cache SSDs (in disk-based setups)
  • Increase root disk size to 20 GB (due to temp dir overflow)
  • Add a cronjob to clean the conversion temp dir


  • Add API call to allow setup of disk cache
  • Allow image cache to be configured and restarted via API