# Config Loaders

Config loaders allow for the configuration on the Imagizer instance upon startup.


Config loaders will override all previously made Imagizer configurations on boot.


All configurations are persistent. Even after the config loader is removed and the instance is rebooted.


AWS EC2 allows for information to be passed through using User Data (opens new window).

Add valid Imagizer JSON configuration directly into the EC2 User Data. The EC2 instance will automatically configure itself using the User Data configuration on startup.

# Example


KVM allows for information to be passed through as a fw_cfg blob.

See more information on fw_cfg Blobs here (opens new window).

# Steps

  • Create a JSON file containing valid Imagizer JSON configuration.
  • Using the -fw_cfg commandline argument, pass the config file on VM startup.
-fw_cfg name="opt/org.imagizer.config",file='imagizer-config.json'

# Example

qemu-kvm -hda imbuild.img -fw_cfg name="opt/org.imagizer.config",file="imagizer-config.json" ...