# Google Cloud Platform

The Google Cloud marketplace solution is a subscription-based service available directly from Google Cloud Platform. The marketplace enables quick deployment. Pay only for what you use, by the hour or month.

An existing Google Cloud account is required. If you do not have an account, please create one (opens new window) now.

# Getting Started

# Choosing the GCP Instance Type

The 4 vCPU is the minimum instance type required and will work well for small to medium traffic.

The request per second (RPS) you will achieve will depend considerably on many factors including, but not limited to, image format, file size, resolution, and concurrent connections. Imagizer can handle anywhere from 5 RPS to 50 RPS per core.


We recommend starting with the 4 vCPU instance. Run some benchmarks then scale up as needed.

# Launch Single Instance from the GCP Console

  • Choose your region and instance type.
  • Set up the Source IP ranges for TCP port 17006/17007 traffic

  • Deploy.

# Configuration

# Admin API

To use the Admin API, you must first open port 17006 from the Google Cloud Console (opens new window).


Take care to opening the port to trusted IP addresses only. The Admin API allows full access to your Imagizer configuration.

Please see the Admin API for more information.

# Open Source

Imagizer makes use of a few open source products. A list of the open source products and their licenses are available on port 8080 of the Imagizer instance. You must first open port 8080 from the Google Cloud Console (opens new window) to view.