Imagizer Cloud

Allow us to do all the heavy lifting and run Imagizer in our cloud. Our Imagizer web service is the easiest launch method with a pay as you go pricing method. Production ready within minutes without infrastructure changes.

An existing AWS ImagizerCloud account is required. If you do not have an account, please create one now.

Getting Started

Create Source

  • Choose a name for your source. Letters, numbers, and dashes are allowed. This name will be used as the subdomain for your Imagizer endpoint.

  • Choose your Image Storage Type.

Imagizer Storage

Imagizer service comes with a built-in file storage.

You will need to create an access token first. Once the access token is generated you can start uploading files.

Here is how to upload.

Amazon S3

  • If you chose Amazon S3 enter your AWS Bucket name.

  • If your bucket is private, you may either create an IAM User with a policy containing the s3:getObject permission or provide the AWS Key and AWS Secret. Please see our AWS Guide for more information.

Web folder

  • If you chose a Web Folder, enter the Base URL now. Skip this step if you chose Amazon S3.

-Optionally, you may enable global image optimization, which will be applied to all images. Imagizer provides three different presets for optimizations (Low, Medium, High). You may also enter custom parameters. See the API Reference for a full list of available parameters.

  • Click the Create button.

  • Take note of the Imagizer endpoint.

Congratulations! Your ImagizerCloud source is now running. You can test the source by navigating to the endpoint in a browser.


Visit the Usage guide for information on how to use Imagizer.